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Attain better health and wellness with Margot Laird Reiki Healing

Universal Source energy infuses every living thing on our planet.  Being a Practitioner of Reiki I am in continuous and permanent alignment with the energy field and this enables me to act as a conduit between it and you.

A Reiki Healing session brings you a pure infusion of Source and promotes wellness on every level of your Being.  Reiki activates, releases, and transmutes energy.

Reiki assists your return to a state of optimal vibration and balance.

Reiki expands consciousness and recalibrates your vibration upward, taking you to a new level of holistic health and well-being.

In addition to the Healing you will receive, Reiki and Reconnective Healing are the perfect modalities – in this significant time of planetary shift and expansion post-2012 – to facilitate your personal evolution and growth, bringing you into your fullness.

Reiki Healing from an experienced practitioner of Reiki in Sydney

I am a practitioner of the original and pure seven-level Reiki system, as re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the nineteenth century, and successively honoured and upheld down through the lineage.

Today, Reiki in Sydney is widely available and many variations of this ancient healing modality exist but there is only a small and dedicated group of practitioners who continue to uphold and protect the integrity of the original system of Reiki Healing.  This purity ensures the potency of the healings.  Seek only the most rejuvenating, restorative Reiki sessions in Sydney.

Reiki is a language of symbols, a formula of light which activates Source energy and in turn, brings balance and harmony to the energy fields within and around the body.

Reiki Healing is an effective hands-off Complementary therapy which works at the causal level.  The subtle benefits then integrate holistically within the individual over ensuing days and weeks.

Experience the most effective, potent and empowering Reiki sessions available in Sydney.

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